Gravitational Black Holes With A Twist Of Supersymmetry

This description of gravitational black holes differs from that given hitherto because even though the mass/energy of the object as a whole may grow without limit, it replaces non-physical singularities hidden behind event horizons, aka the cosmic censorship conjecture, with invisible yet massive sboson shells at gravitational event horizons. Progress, eh?

Meet the Rottons – dark matter field quanta with irrational spin.

A crazy idea to shed light into the dark sector (after Sir Roger Penrose's request) - hopefully described parsimoniously - that came to a retired Atmospheric Physicist after studying Markus Luty's online lectures on quantum field theory then reading Schuster & Toro and that would be disproved by non-detection, supersymmetry (probably) and/or the lack of at least one extra, large dimension to space. Click the title to read more...