Gravitational Black Holes With A Twist And Supersymmetry

This description of gravitational black holes differs from that given hitherto because even though the mass/energy of the object as a whole may grow without limit, it replaces non-physical singularities hidden behind event horizons, aka the cosmic censorship conjecture, with invisible yet massive sboson shells at gravitational event horizons. Progress, eh?

Inflation at the beginning of time

The pantheon of inflationary big bang cosmology includes model versions where time began as inflation started. An unresolved issue with basic quantum mechanics in all such models is highlighted that may or may not help with future developments in quantum gravity theory and/or cosmology. Any issues concerning the cause(s) of inflation are separate and take no part in the following discussion.

Meet the Rottons – dark matter field quanta with irrational spin.

A crazy idea to shed light into the dark sector (after Sir Roger Penrose's request) - hopefully described parsimoniously - that came to a retired Atmospheric Physicist after studying Markus Luty's online lectures on quantum field theory then reading Schuster & Toro and that would be disproved by non-detection, supersymmetry (probably) and/or the lack of at least one extra, large dimension to space. Click the title to read more...